Terms & Conditions When Using a Green Apple Bike (GAB)

  • Use the bike responsibly.
    • These are street bikes. If you take it off the pavement you increase the risk of a flat tire.
    • These are not stunt bikes. Popping wheelies, skidding tires or overloading the bikes will break the bikes.
  • Please follow all bicycle laws while using a GAB.
  • When you are finished with your ride, please park at a GAB sponsored rack or in a safe, visible, and accessible location for the next rider.
  • Don't be a bike hoarder!
    • Please do not lock/chain a GAB.  Any locks or chains found on GAB will be cut off immediately
    • Don't leave a GAB on private property.
    • If you are not actively riding a GAB you should expect someone else will need it, please don't prevent someone else from riding.
  • Assumption of Risk
    • By riding a GAB you assume all risk of injury or damage.
    • Weight limit for each GAB is 275lbs